To keep your vehicle running smoothly, routine maintenance and engine tune up is an absolute necessity. Maintenance will help you avoid major breakdowns (and major repair bills) and help your vehicle perform at its peak. An engine tuned as per vehicle manufacturers specifications will not only run smoothly but would also give maximum mileage. A properly tuned engine creates least pollution as per environmental norms set by the regulator.

If at all your vehicle requires diagnostic services, we follow a 10-step process to make it customer friendly.

  • * Identify symptoms of engine performance problems.
  • * Road test your vehicle to verify problems.
  • * Perform a visual inspection of your engine’s major components.
  • * Check Maruti-Suzuki bulletins and tune-up specifications.
  • * Obtain trouble codes from your vehicle’son board computer (ECM).
  • * Perform a computerized analysis of your engine’s major systems.
  • * Take the help of Maruti Suzuki technical team if required.
  • * Provide a detailed report of our findings and discuss potential solutions with you.
  • * Once the Engine Diagnostic Service is complete, our technicians perform repairs approved by you.
  • * Road test your vehicle again to ensure complete satisfaction.
it will help your vehicle keep its resale value over time.